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Information for Parents

We encourage each child to attend the Service in the company of a family member at least three times before they start their first day with us. This gives you and your child the opportunity to gain an understanding of our program, the layout of the room, where to find things, and can also provide Educators with additional information about your child and how we can best support their transition and settling in period.

We have an open door policy at Top End Early Learning Centre, where yourself and your child are welcome to visit us at any time. You are welcome to take photos of your child in our environment to show and discuss at home. Some children like to take a book from our library to read at home and return on the next visit. 

There may be tears and extra tight hugs when saying goodbye for the first few weeks, but there are always cuddles, reassurance and genuine care from Educators for both the children and their families. Sometimes this experience is upsetting more so for the family than the child. We understand this and offer support through phone calls during the day, as well as providing photos.

Ideally, your child will be settled at an activity before you leave, however some children find it hard to settle until their parents have gone. We find that a set routine works best and can be established from the orientation process. Being well organised and avoiding a rush usually results in a calm start to the day.

We understand that everybody has a different communication style they prefer, and we will work with your family to find the best solution for your needs. We have many types of communication we use to discuss your child’s time at our Service, which can include:
✓ Newsletter
✓ Phone calls to your work
✓ Emails
✓ Face to face

Our Parent Handbook explains imperative information you will need to be responsive of whilst your child is in attendance with us. You can request a copy of the handbook here.