Our Centre

Top End Early Learning Centre is an education facility catering for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years with capacity for up to 83 children. We are open from 6.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday at Tiwi  (52 weeks of the year, closed on NT Public Holidays).

We have 5 rooms at Tiwi:                  

0-2 year old room – 20 children - Wombats             

2-3 year old room – 12 children - Bilbies                     

2-3 year old room – 12 children - Possums                

3-4 year old room - 22 children - Kookaburras

4-5 year old room - 17 children - Platypus

We encourage children to be responsible for their own learning through choices made regarding experiences, interests and routine. We use conversations, actions and play as the basis for teaching which involves the children being partners in teaching by seeking out ideas, opinions, thoughts and questions. 

We encourage children in promoting their independence and self-help skills by assisting within the routine and involving the children in interest based projects to further enhance their learning and knowledge. 

Our Service is also passionate about sustainability. We believe in supporting children to appreciate and care for the environment by embedding sustainable practice into the daily operation of our Service, infrastructure and teaching.

In order to empower our sustainability program, we emphasise children’s ability to make a difference, enabling them to learn and appreciate their environment in a fun and exciting manner.

We do this by engaging children in discussion about sustainable practice, encouraging them to participate in a recycling program, reducing energy and conserving water. We aim to provide children with the skills and knowledge required to become environmentally responsible.

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